About us
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About us

So many people I encountered were feeling anxiety and stress and suffering from chronic pain and mental health issues in their day to day lives. It was affecting their quality of life, their well-being, even their appearance — I recognized the need for a holistic approach to both stress and pain management for true healthy living.  

Woman experiencing daily stress and pain

With this in mind, I created a beautiful healing place where people could come to get specialized and unique massage services, facial treatments and infrared sauna sessions from experienced and empathetic massage therapists and estheticians. Elixir Mind Body Massage opened in June 2007 in the historic LoDo neighborhood in downtown Denver, Colorado. We partner with our guests to help them achieve wellness through self-care and education.

Exterior photos of Elixir Mind Body Massage in downtown Denver,CO in LoDo neighborhood showing support for PRIDE and BLM

All the products we use in our services and carry in our boutique have to meet certain criteria:

  • They must be natural or organic without parabens or synthetic ingredients and cannot be tested on animals.
  • They need to be affordable so people could use them regularly for the greatest health benefits.
  • They have to be effective and enjoyable. 

Elixir Mind Body Massage Boutique in downtown Denver, Colorado

My hope at Elixir is that this boutique will encourage you to nourish your body, your mind and your spirit. I invite you to visit. Take some down time. You’ll not only save money, you’ll reap the long-term benefits of a healthy you!

- Sandy Stroehmann, Founder

 Sandy Stroehmann, Founder of Elixir Mind Body Massage and Boutique