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Comphy 6-Week Sleep Study

After hearing how well people sleep on their dreamy soft linens, Comphy decided to put the theory to test. Here are the amazing results of the Sleep Study which scientifically proves that Comphy sheets do, in fact, promote sleep.

6-Week Comphy Bed Linen Marketing Research Study

Conducted by Wall, LE and Waggoner, TK

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the study was to determine if participants had an overall improvement in his/her sleep experience after sleeping on the Comphy performance bed linens.

PARTICIPANTS & METHODS: Thirty people, shopping for a new bed, were evaluated to participate in a marketing research bed linen study. Several questions were asked regarding influential factors and sleep quality.

Breathability, Feel, Softness, and Comfort were found to be the most influential factors for those interviewed responding definitely (63% and 83% respectively). Of these, ten were included in a six week study using Comphy bed linens if the following criteria were met:

1) they slept less than or equal to 6 hours a night

2) took 15 minutes or longer to fall asleep

3) experienced an average of 3 or more awakenings a night

4) on a scale of 1 to 7 (1=Terrible 2=Unhappy 3=Mostly Dissatisfied 4=Neutral or Mixed 5=Mostly Satisfied 6=Pleased and 7=Delighted) rated his/her qualify of sleep a 5 or less.

Weekly phone calls were made to each participant and a questionnaire comprised of approximately twelve questions was covered during each contact.

RESULTS: Improvements were seen in all four qualification criteria from Baseline Pre-Sheets to Week 6.

Improvement was achieved at Week 4 and maintained to the end of the study.

The most significant change was seen in the participants reported description of his/her Quality of Sleep.

Participants were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 7 (1 =Terrible, 2=Unhappy, 3=Mostly Dissatisfied, 4=Neutral/Mixed, 5=Mostly Satisfied, 6=Pleased and 7=Delighted) his/her Quality of Sleep. Baseline Pre-Sheets found participants Quality of Sleep to be Terrible, Unhappy or Mostly Dissatisfied (70%, 20% and 10% respectively).

After six weeks of using the bed linens, 50% of the participants reported his/her Quality of Sleep to be Pleased (Delighted, 30%; Mostly Satisfied, 10%; Neutral/Mixed, 10%).

Breathability was assessed on a scale of 1 to 7 (1 =Terrible, 2=Unhappy, 3=Mostly Dissatisfied, 4=Neutral/Mixed, 5=Mostly Satisfied, 6=Pleased and 7=Delighted).

At the end of six weeks, 80% of the participants reported to be Pleased or Delighted with the breathability of the bed linens, 10% were Neutral, and 10% were Mostly Satisfied.

CONCLUSIONS: All participants, reported to sleep better after using the bed linens. In addition, 100% of the participants would recommend the Comphy bed linens to a friend.

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