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Luxury SOFT Blanket
Luxury SOFT Blanket
Luxury SOFT Blanket
Luxury SOFT Blanket

Luxury Linens

Luxury SOFT Blanket


You may have seen blankets like this before, but you've never felt one like it. You see, before we put the Comphy label on this product, we spent years researching the texture—because we knew that our plush blanket would have to be the softest one ever. We are proud to say that this one is worthy of the Comphy label, and there was only one thing we could call it. Introducing the Comphy SOFT blanket, available in three sizes (blanket, throw, and baby) and three colors (white, cream, and grey). We can't wait 'til you experience it. If feeling is believing, we feel confident that you'll soon be a believer!


    60" x 90" (Blanket)

    50" x 70" (Throw)

    38" x 38" (Baby Blanket)


    Made of 100% Polyester Microfiber double-sided plush

    Machine washable. Hot wash, cold rinse, and light dry. Do not use bleach.

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